1. Can I make any changes to the cover you'll send me?

If you’ve chosen Personal Consultation (Bestseller Breakthrough Package) or Customized Cover Design as an add-on service, our graphics team will make the required changes you want. Else it won’t be possible. (If there is a mistake from our side, we’ll surely change it).

2. Can I make my own cover if I don’t like any of the ones sent by BookLeaf?

Yes, you can provide your cover as well, provided it is copyright free. The dimensions should be 5x8 inches and the format should be .jpeg. You can also send your back cover if you wish - the dimensions and format should be the same for that.

3. Can I add illustrations for my poems on my own?

No, Illustrations cannot be added from your end or our side, Unless you have opted for our personal consultation (Bestseller Breakthrough Package) or Illustration services.

4. Can I make changes to the Printable proof?

No, You are not eligible to make any changes in the printable proof as we have just used the one which you have sent to us, We haven't made any change to this.

5. Can I make changes in ‘About the Author’ and ‘Book Description’ after the covers have been made for me?

No, once submitted, it cannot be changed, unless it is an error from our end, in which case we will immediately correct it.

6. Can I get a refund for the customized cover if I am not happy with the cover designs?

No, since the service will be considered as provided, no refunds can be processed in that case.

7. Can the illustrations be colored?

No, the illustrations need to be black and white. As the paperback will be printed in grayscale format, there might be a possibility that the illustrations may not appear as it is and may get blurred if they are colored.

8. Can I replace or change any poems?

No, it won't be possible to change or replace the poems, as it can cause discrepancies in future references.

9. Can I get any revisions done to the cover? (without add-on services)

As the team has already worked on your covers, they can't make any changes further. If you are dissatisfied with your covers, then the recommended thing to do is to make the covers by yourself as you are the best judge of what is appealing to you and your readers.
If you have opted for a customized cover design or personal consultation service (Bestseller Breakthrough Package), then it is possible to make revisions to the cover.

10. How much time will it take to publish my book?

As soon as you approve the printable proof, We will start the listing procedure and it will go live within the next 3 weeks.

11. Is it possible to change the Book Title?

No, It won't be possible at any stage, as we have started the ISBN registration process for your book.

12. From where I will be able to buy an E-book and paperback version of my book?

We usually list the books on Amazon for the paperback version and BookLeaf Bookstore for the E-book version. You can buy your book from there, once it gets published.

13. Where can I check the sales reports of my book?

 After your book is published, you can check its sales reports here. The sales from BookLeaf Store are reported on a real-time basis, while the sales from Amazon and other marketplaces are updated on a monthly basis.

14. Where can I contact customer support after my work is done with the Publishing Consultant?

Once your book is published, you may not get the priority support from your publishing consultant because they will have to work with a different author afterwards, so you can reach our Helpdesk for fast, efficient and priority support. For that, you simply have to raise a ticket with your issue/query on our Helpdesk here, and our support executives will get back to you ASAP.