The Trophies of Challenges of Readathon / Writeathon/Artscape/Photography  are delivered to the maximum number of participants and the one which are not delivered will be delivered soon.  If any of the participants had not received their trophy it may be due to the following reasons to mention some.

a. Non availability of  the person,  

b. Non deliverable address

c. Wrong Address 

d. Technical issue from Delivery services

e. Return of the trophies

f. Weather conditions

g. Failed delivery attempts

h. Lack of clarity of address, name, phone number etc.

i. custom issues ( International Participants)

j. Technology issues 

k. High shipment volumes.

l. Vehicle issues ( Cargo trucks, Planes etc)

m. Crisis issues ( Covid Restrictions, War et

Our team is working on the issues and constantly in  touch with delivery companies and trying to resolve the problem as early as possible.


Each and every participant is very important to us and we also get disappointed if we see the non delivery issue of trophies.

We are very well aware of the hard work, efforts you put in to participate in the competition to receive the award which you deserve.

We would like to bring to your kind notice that some situations are not under our control and we have to deal with such situations in various aspects  and our team is trying its best to overcome such situations and help out the  participants to receive their reward of trophy. 

It is requested to be patient and bear with us a little long and the participants who didn't received the trophy will receive it in a short time.